Hello, I’m Megan

I am so happy you’ve stopped by to learn more! I am a web/graphic designer, charity worker, home cook and a mother. I started Oak & Pine Designs 2 years ago when by 1st son was under a year old. However, I have been working in the web and graphic work for 5 years. I made the decision to work from home and follow my passion for building websites, helping brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs create their platforms. All while being a mother and working for a charity.

This industry is always changing and we are always learning

Discover my favorite blogs to help you learn more about the tech world

Great Reads

Learn about graphic design, organization, and some helpful tools.


Read the articles/blogs I find useful in the coding world

Fun Reads

Sometimes we need a break from learning that its nice to just have some fun reads that are not related to the tech world

Resources & Information

We can't concour the world alone so why concour the web alone?

Throughout my career I have met a lot of talented people. So to stay connected and support each other I have partnered with like minded people to bring you the services you need! I would love to say I can do it all but I am not a magician, I am human so the people here are people I would recommend to you to help your business excel!

Want to become a partner?

I am always looking to expand my network and ensure that clients are receiving everything they need when it comes to their business needs. If you feel that we would be a great fit together, then lets connect and collaborate!


Here is everything that I can do for you! If you don't see something your looking for, shoot me a message and ask if its something I can do for you. If not I can certainly direct you to the right people.


I have also included my prices where you can get an idea as to what you could look into investing. If you are on a budget let me know, working with people and ensuring everyone can afford what they need is why I do what I do. Payment plans are allowed as I know that these services may not be affordable to all.

Client Work

View my portfolio of everyone who I have worked for and continue to work with. I love all of my client and the diversity of clients iI get to work with. My hope is to continuing meeting new people and have long term clients as its always easier for both parties.

Become a Client

Lets connect as I would love to learn about your business, your vision and your goals! I welcome both one time clients, part time clients and long time clients! If you are unsure about becoming a client but have some questions connect with me!